Waiting for Raid Resets

Both Elkagorasa and Esha have gone through Highmaul as DPS a couple times now. Esha is at that point where it's probably time to watch a 'tanking' Highmaul LFR.

Vol'gar - tank everything.

  • Tank swap on impale
  • If in stands from chain hurl, (on heroic), face 'crowd away from raiders.

Elkagorasa had the two-handed staff drop this week of Mar'gok, so he's now checking the 'LFG' tab and to throw his hat in for a normal raid DPS slot.

Mount Hunting

Last Friday, I ran once through ICC and got 9 (out of 12) boss achievements done without any issue. There was never any issue with any of the bosses (troll racial healing + very low dps from level 72 bosses). In fact to get the remaining achievements, I think I am going to have to walk away from the keyboard and do nothing for awhile.

  • Full House requires you to have 5 different mobs alive when you kill the boss. I waited around until I had around 7 adds in my fight. I looked like a good mix. Unfortunately while killing the boss, I did an AOE swipe and killed 2 off of the same type.. Sigh.  Next time, either kite the boss, or let MORE spawn..
  • Once Bitten, Twice Shy requires two runs. Once where you kill the Blood-Queen without being bitten, once while bitten. I've gotten the "without" kill.
  • Been Waiting a Long Time for This requires there to be 30 stacks of necrotic plague to be on the adds before killing the Lich King. Looks like from the comments, I pushed him to phase 2 too quickly. Get the plague on the adds, let them stack up until you have (at least) 30 stacks, then kill the boss. In process, don't kill the adds. I do love this comment by Memoryk who also completed it as a level 100 cat. This gives you adds that will get the plague, but will die quickly. This will cause the plague to spread quickly amongst the adds the boss brings.. :)

This got me thinking of  trying to solo Ulduar. 

Like ICC, it appears to be mostly DPS races, but a few fights where you need to kill X adds, or kill A,B & C within 20 seconds of each other... Mimiron looks troublesome as his head needs ranged DPS. So, instead of my druid, maybe Elk and his warlocky DPS will go.. Now, Mimiron's head mount drops on 25-man, so maybe instead of 10-man...

Someone mentioned installing the 'RaidAchievement' add-on. This addon helps you track all the achievements that you've still have to complete. (Check out the developer's site) and if you install the companion add-on, it will give strategy on completing them. I'll check it out next time I am online..


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