Soloing ICC at level 100 for Achievements and Mount

A month ago, I decided for glory and heck, just to try my luck, I solo'd ICC in attempts to get the mount. I decided to run this with my druid because it seemed to provide me the best dps and heals combination. As you can imagine, there was not a single issue soloing this content. In fact, on a couple bosses, I killed them too fast and didn't get the achievement the first time through (full house). That is OK, because Once Bitten requires at least two attempts at the boss to complete the achievement. Plus, if like me (i.e. boosted druid), you need to clear the raid once on Normal, and a second time on Heroic.

UPDATED: As of last night, I have completed this and acquired my drake. Using the add-on 'RaidAchievement' helped with the Lich King achievement, and I would highly suggest it, just need to make sure you download the 'legacy' modules.

Here's been my strategy for each of these achievements so far:
  • Lord Marrowgar - Boned - burn him down quickly. Rumor is he won't 'bone' anyone when there's no one else. Dismiss pet. 
  • Lady Deathwhisper - Full House - End fight with Lady having at least 5 different types of adds. At 100 the adds and boss do like 100 damage. My troll self healing was doing more healing than all their damage combined. Start the fight, then go to restroom, get cup of coffee, eat a snack, then come back, single target down boss. 
  • Gunship - I'm on a Boat - End fight with no one visiting enemy boat more than twice. In my experience in both normal and heroic 10-man, I never had to visit the enemy boat once. Start fight, go straight to cannon, shoot. 
  • Deathbringer Saurfang - I've Gone and Made a Mess - Burn boss down. 

If you ran Heroic, you should also have the Heroic: Storming the Citadel.
If you ran Heroic, you should also have the Heroic Plagueworks.
  • Blood Council - Orb Whisperer - Burn Boss(es) down - Lots of AOE.
  • Blood-Queen Lana'thel - Once Bitten, Twice Shy - My strategy is burn down quick for first time, watch for bite at 45 seconds, and then burn down while bitten. 
UPDATE: Druid tried fight twice. Need the 'kill boss without being bitten' portion of achievement. First time, druid was bitten and let timer run out on bite. What I hadn't realized is that the bite causes possession. You get a new cast bar when it times out and need to pass the bite along. Sadly instant death. Second time, she died due to auto-attack after bite. Maybe I could have dispelled the bite on my druid? Good news, I found last night that the achievement for Once Bitten is account bound. So while my druid didn't have the DPS to burn down Lana'thel before first bite, my warlock grouped with a guild hunter, we had her down under 10 seconds. No one bitten.
If you ran Heroic, you should also have the Heroic Crimson Hall
  • Valithria - Portal Jockey - This is where you need a healer. As feral cat, we have 2 healing spells. I simply healed her via the long heal a couple times. I had her at 100% before first add reached me. When at 100%, I got achievement. 
  • Sindragosa - All You Can Eat - Burn boss down
If you ran Heroic, you should also have the Heroic Frostwing Halls, only one achievement left.
  • Lich King - Been Waiting a Long Time for This - 30 stacks of necrotic plague combined on player and adds. This is so far, the hardest to solo. I kite the LK around his tower until 10-15 adds are chasing me around. The plague stacks on an add, if they don't die within 10 seconds, it disappears. If you kill it, the disease transfers to all within 10 yards. If you progress the boss to 70% health, he no longer infects with the plague. Strategy I've read was to get treant to tank boss, it will get plague most likely and die soon, causing plague to transfer to those immediately around it. Wait a few seconds, then kill boss. First time, I attacked the boss and almost immediately transitioned to phase 2. Second time, I let plague stack up rather high and died almost immediately from plague.. Even 20 levels higher, that's an Ouch! Of course, I am having a terrible time tracking the amount of stacks. Maybe it was closer to 50-60 stacks? Or maybe it was heroic 10-man? 
UPDATE: Finally successful. Absolutely needed the Achievement addon. On normal mode, start fight aggro Lich King, and do 0 damage to him. Sit wait until RaidAchievement pings you that you've hit 30 stacks, start fight. You will need heals. Each time the plague randomly came around to me again, it started doing damage near 15k-20k a tick. It sits on you for 10 seconds. Unfortunately I couldn't get the add-on to ping me when running the same boss again with a guildie. It saw that I had the achievement and wouldn't ping, or it couldn't determine when more than one player? Not sure. As a warlock / hunter combo, we couldn't survive when the 30+ stacks landed on either of us.. Ouch! So, plan is to bring in a healer next time for the achievement. Maybe have her run the addon so it will monitor her status..
I have noticed that I only need to run it in Normal from now on. I've gotten all 4 of the "Heroic ___" achievements and only need these 2. Just wish I could skip straight to LK and not have to clear the entire raid. On the other hand, maybe I'll bring along a guildie next time, so they can complete it as well.. :) 


  1. How you get this one by solo? boss reset if you go into portal

    Valithria - Portal Jockey - This is where you need a healer. As feral cat, we have 2 healing spells. I simply healed her via the long heal a couple times. I had her at 100% before first add reached me. When at 100%, I got achievement.

    1. Heal her without engaging any adds, as a druid [ Kyta - mannoroth ] I walked in the room, hit her with a hot and two big heals, got the achiev and moved on - literally took seconds.

    2. Thanks. My reply didn't post. I am curious if WOD bandages would have done this on my warlock as well, but as a druid, it was that simple.

  2. Actually, I'll never know how any player can solo this achievement.
    Last night I was able to get this achievement with another guild player.
    Very difficult. My suggestion would be for 2 players. Team up and have a hunter toon to help. As that being said, it only took approximately 20 - 30 min. Max.
    Good luck.


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