Why Should I be a Herbalist in Warlords?

Since the beginning of time, Elkagorasa has been an alchemist and herbalist. This meant he would always pick his own materials for alchemy potions. Want one more healing pot? Go fly out and grab some of the herb he needed.. Done. In Cataclysm, I even spent half of a level just flying around and grabbing plants. This gave the XP required to jump up to the next level, plus level up his alchemy.

With Warlords, I have a level 3 garrison farm. I've talked to the tender, and asked him to only plant Frostweed plants, so now I am making all the Frostweed I would ever need for my alchemy needs. I am only picking plants out in the wild now, because I happen to be standing on top of it. "oh, look pretty..".

Now that I am trying to gear up for raiding, I am starting to think that herbalism may be a dead art in Warlords. My warlock no longer needs to compete with druids in flight form to pick those rare spawn herbs all over the realm. No longer do I need to fly for hours, looking for that one golden lotus needed to craft another item for the AH. I just queue up the just go into my dark, dank cave and pull poseys.

Tailoring, that's what I need. I want epic i640 crafted cloth gear! I want BOE epics that I can send over to my priest to wear when she reaches 100. My druid has a barn started and could easily 'farm' fur from the beasts right outside my horde garrison. It would be a great way to level up both of their professions right away..

What to drop? Honestly, I am thinking the Salvage Yard. At this point, I've seen a dozen or so, green, "transmog" items, and about equal numbers of follower upgrade tokens. I've almost already gotten more follower upgrade tokens by starting work orders (aka giving garrison resources) at my War Mill.

Of course, as with any choice, it has it's consequences. By running LFR, I could replace all my quest/dungeon gear with 640 gear in a few more runs. I may be out geared before I finish leveling or trying to create the required mats for my first item.

I am seriously considering it. Maybe I'll wait until after I go through Highmaul one more time. See if anything else drops.


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