Tanking Dungeon Videos...

The other night (before Black Temple), I was trying to get into a few dungeons. To avoid the stress of tanking, I jumped into the DPS (i.e. werecat) queue. Sadly after 45 minutes in queue, I check the 'queue status' to see 0/1 Tank 1/1 Healer 3/3 DPS. OMG, go figure.. It's all my fault no dungeon...

I hop on YouTube and watch the Grimrail video to get an idea of what to do on boss 2 (1 and 3 are fairly straight forward). I queue up and happily drop into this very dungeon. Managing to get through with me dying (to trash of all things). Yeah over-pulled coming up to the boss 2. Happily no wipes. Sadly no loots worth anything for me (i615 replacement of existing i630 crafted item).. In fact, the Tavern quest netted me only the 'bloody bandanna' which sparked the run into BT.

Salts includes how to get the differences between normal and heroic, plus the achievements in the dungeon. Here are each of his videos for the level 100 dungeons..


Grimrail Depot:

Iron Docks: The OH SO FUN trash gauntlet.

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds



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