Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blizzard, Why no universal seahorse mount??

Spotted feeding in garrison.
In Cataclysm, I worked to get the seahorse mount. I thought it would be cool, to hop on this underwater mount and explore all the various areas.

Hordes of Horde would mount up on our sea-stallions, while another battalion mounted sparkle ponies and fly in from the air for an EPIC Stormwind raid. (Alliance could head for Orgrimmar, also right on the ocean..).

Timeless Isles, I mount up on Mystery, and chase the giant shark Evermaw around the island, keeping yelling to everyone in zone with his updated location.

So... two expansions later, the seahorse is "grounded" in Vashj'ir. Instead we are forced to hope for a generous warlock, be playing a druid or if you are very, very lucky, have fished up a sea turtle with it's awesome 60% swim speed.

If you want players to explore the ENTIRE game, help us out. I think there are a number of treasures (possibly even mermaids, aka naga) hiding down below the oceans of Draenor, but I have no way to get there... (except that I play both a warlock and druid).

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