2 Weeks Remain and Still So Much Ground to Cover

Is that a chicken in his right hand? 
Over the last few weeks, I have been actively trying to recruit some of my fellow co-workers (from the Horde Guild) to come back to Warcraft. The problem being that there's just so many, many options out there that they aren't taking the bait. They're playing Shadow of Mordor, they're playing Borderlands Pre-Sequel, they're playing anything that doesn't require a subscription... I've seen where Blizzard has waived some game time to attempt to get them hooked again, but for some it's just not enough. With only a few active players in guild it's going to be a quite expansion.

On my recently minted Alliance druid, I've reached level 72. Since reaching Wrath, she's started questing in Borean Tundra and ran the same dungeon three times, Utgarde Keep. I've been trying to make sure I keep the Wickerman +10% XP bonus up for a total bonus of 55%  (45% gear - head 10%, shoulders 10%, back 5%, chest 10%, legs 10%). I equipped the Stormwind tabard so that I am exalted with them. This means only 4000 gold and I can train into Artisan flying (and swift flight form).

This gold shortage, got me rethinking my auction house strategies. I've even started watching Elvine, but I am not sure his strategy works for me. First off, there appears to be a transmog'r already on the AH. Lots of variety of various helms available. There could be a niche for me to start making gold, but it will take a lot of market research.. I know in Wrath, I made my big bucks selling gem transmutes on my alchemist, but this druid is alliance (not horde) and on a different realm. (/sigh) More questing for me.

Hallow's End, curse you. I've tried 8 days, 3 times each, to get the Horseman's mount. If I give up on hoping it will it drop, will it drop?

I have not got back into the revamped UBRS again since the first try. The warlock has been in one or two times more because DPS is just so darn easy. Plus with the cloak, I have lots of AOE damage. Salt's has a great discussion on talents and I should really look into redoing them. I really would like some nice gear upgrades on all my alts. Here's Salt's UBRS video.


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