Have You Designed Your Garrison?

I have not played the Beta. I've loaded it twice and played through the first dozen quests. Shiny! Unlike some guildies, I have never seen level 100, much less 91. That means I haven't made those difficult choices of what buildings I want in my Garrison. You start off your garrison with one small plot, one large plot and a town hall. From what I've read the town hall works as your base of operations (assigning work orders, assigning followers to various positions in the garrison, etc.) As you level up your garrison, you open up more land and more building options.

Garrison level 1:

  • 1 Small
  • 1 Large
  • Town Hall

Garrison level 2:

Garrison level 3:

Small plot options: Most of the small buildings are based on the professions in the game. If you have the profession and the garrison building, you get perks, like the NPC will sell you recipes for your profession or provide you with mats for your profession. If you don't have the profession, the building will provide you with a basic level of the profession (i.e. non-enchanters will be able to disenchant items using the Study). There are 2 non-profession buildings, the Salvage Yard and the Storehouse.

  1. Alchemy Lab
  2. Enchanter's Study
  3. Engineering Works
  4. Gem Boutique
  5. Salvage Yard - recover items from missions. As you level your npcs, they could even return raid level gear that is one step higher than your current. 
  6. Scribe's Quarters
  7. Storehouse - Bank access (level 1- your bank, level 2 guild bank, level 3 void storage)
  8. Tailoring Emporium
  9. The Forge
  10. The Tannery

My Small plot thoughts:
My warlock is an Alchemist/ Herbalist. I definitely want to build the Alchemy lab. The Enchanter's Study has the bonus of allowing me to DE items as I quest, but as my priest is an enchanter, do I want to overlap??  The non-engineering perks of the Engineering Works sound fun. 
With a level 1 building, you can craft Goblin Glider Kit, Stealthman 54, Shieldtronic Shield, Mecha-Blast Rocket, Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife.
Definitely not sure what I will choose for #3. Maybe, Gem Boutique because I don't have a jeweler alt? 

My priest is a tailor / enchanter. Going with the 2 profession buildings look optimum. The crafted gear (i640) and 30-slot bag are very enticing. The Enchanter's Study may be required in order to obtain the enchants. Since my Priest is also my main AH mule, she may opt for the Storehouse for #3. 

My druid is a blacksmith/ alchemist. Maybe the Forge? I like the option of creating belt buckles for all my alts, and possibility of creating weapons and off-hands is a possibility. As I play this toon solely as a tank, maybe raiding buildings. The Salvage Yard has appeal returning gear. The Tannery to create leatherworking patterns despite not having the profession could be handy. 

Large options: All these buildings are to make questing/raiding more interesting. This could be leveling up your followers so they are more effective. 
  1.  Barracks - The Barracks look to be mandatory as it is the first unlocked. Provides patrol missions with bonus XP. Level 2 grants a body guard that will assist while leveling.
  2. Gnomish Gearworks/ Goblin Workshop - Workshop provides 'daily engineering invention', then a siege weapon each day at level 3. 
  3. Mage Tower/ Spirit Lodge - Allows you to create up-to 3 portals to (possible 5) destinations of your choosing. You can open/close these portals at later times.. 
  4. Stables  - Enable capturing 8 more mounts. Remain mounted while interacting with objects (herbalism?) and increased mount speed by +20% at level 3. 
  5. Bunker /War Mill -Increase odds on for better than normal drops.  At level 3, it grants on additional 're-roll' on raid loot. Transmog options.
Large Plot thoughts:
I like the options of the Barracks or Spirit Lodge while leveling. Additional quest options, plus quick portals to get there. When I reach max level, I think the Workshop and/or War Mill could be useful for raiding. 

Medium options:
  • Gladiator's Sanctum - Health regen buff, safe fall in outdoor zones, damage reduction if below 35% health.
  • Lunarfall Inn/Frostwall Tavern - Dungeon quests daily, recruit followers, treasure hunter mission.
  • Lumber Mill - Cut down trees to be converted to 'garrison resources'. 
  • Trading Post - Get trade items for garrison resources. Local AH, reputation gain (account wide).
  • Barn - Capture beasts to be used for leatherworking, food and some epic armor/weapons. 

Medium Plot thoughts:
Warlock - Inn for dungeon quests?
Priest - Trading Post - for AH access. 
Druid - Barn for leatherworking mats? Gladiator's Sanctum for the health regen? 

Elkagoras's Proposed Garrison by Level 3.
Without actually playing the beta, I am not sure how much time we'll have to decide on the buildings? Does it happen while building out the Outposts? It will truly come down to the leveling process and seeing what's needed when. I can speculate on what I think will be the best benefit, but who really knows. At least, Blizzard has said the option to 'bulldoze' mistakes is available (but at what cost?). 


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