Week 2 - Slow down hun'

Last weekend, I ran a full Last Stand of Zandalari with Sinabun-Thrall, another guardian druid. I got a little over-anxious due to Sinabun's gear level and started running ahead pulling mobs back. AAGRRO!! Sin just laughed as I died a couple times and finally PST me saying "slow down hun..". It's then I really took those Pandarens to heart and 'slowed down..'. Bowing down, I let Sinabun dictate the pulls and how to run each fight.

  • Jin'rokh - I followed Salts video almost to a tee. Grabbing aggro each time Sinabun was hit by electro-smash. I never got wall tossed, so it was basically just stay out of the water. 
  • Horridon, line the dino perpendicular across each door in order. This put the DPS between the dino and the door to grab adds as they came out. 
  • Council, I tanked Mar'li and sometimes Sul until the stacks of Frost got too high on Sinabun. Then I grabbed Frost King for a few turns while they dropped. 

Where's the Cheese?
Still no drops. Oddly, still no achievement for completing. I never though to see if I could progress in ToT, maybe it's only once per account? After the raid, Sinabun and I chatted and got me thinking about those greens I was still sporting.

Go go go! AskMrRobot... be-boop. Initial review, there were absolutely no upgrades. I had to expand my filters on the site to accommodate post-boost availability. For example, AMR was assuming that I wasn't ready for any LFR, despite having a 493 gear score and could get into the first-wing of all 4 raids. So, some adjustments.

  1. Gear-Level - Pre-Raid - Turning this higher returned Normal mode raids. 
  2. LFR Gear - Tier 16 - Give me all tiers of LFR gear. It was set to None.
  3. Flex/Heroic/PVP/BOE - None - I don't see these options being immediately viable. PVP maybe, but tanking PVP has been painful experience. 
  4. World Boss - Four Celestials - I lowered this because I have 0 progress on my legendary. 
  5. Minimum iLevel - 483 - I won't see items lower than my current green gear as upgrades. I believe it was set to 476.
  6. Max/BiS/Scenario - no change. 
  7. Timeless Isle Items - 496 only - for initial pass, it was just more confusing seeing the BoE boosted gear.

Wonder Twin powers ACTIVATE - Flight Form!
Skimming through the upgrades available for my 3 green post-boost items, I found that I had roughly enough valor points to purchase a new pair of 522 pants or a 522 trinket from the Shadow Pan Assault. Fly down to the SPA garrison, grabbing flight paths as I go. Find NPC only to realize I am 200 valor short for the pants. Checking pockets, I found 11900 timeless coins (darn their small!).  Hop the taxi, fly all the way across panda-land and converted all of these coins to valor points (2x exchange rate ends today so I got 600 valor). Taxi all the way back, buy pants. Afterwards, I still have 600 valor left and could use 1200 to purchase the trinket. So I am considering running TI more tonight, in hopes of gathering up another 9000 coins. Doh, Heart of Valorous ended 9am PDT today. Ok, another 18,000 coins, or run a hundred dungeons.

5 TI back, 2 TI belts, 1 TI boot, 4 TI chest, 3 TI heads,
1 TI shoulder, 2 TI rings
With my pants happy, now I know what to use my first Burden of Eternity on. I have 4 Timeless chest tokens. Hoping RNG will drop me the BIS item for me..

Reading through Saga's blog comments, got me thinking about a transmog of my druid gear. Well, my priest had a roguish looking outfit and it appears there's a leather reskin of the Silver-Thread outfit she acquired. Sadly wowhead says it is no longer available.. :( On the other hand, I love the Sulfur Stave for a Troll Druid. (Shouldn't I be able to solo Naxx?) It has an awesome bat as the head piece. Maybe I can build a nice black outfit around that? Goth Troll Druid?!


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