Review: War Crimes by Christie Golden [No Spoilers]

I have just recently completed listening to the War Crimes audio edition. This book, as if you don't already know, takes place soon after the events that happened in Siege of Orgrimmar. King Wrynn has saved Garrosh's life and he now stands trial for his crimes against Azeroth.

To make this work you have to make two concessions:

  1. Horde and Alliance can openly talk. Blizzard has already established this part of the lore via the SoO ending cut scene, but I guess we've had this in all forms for awhile. We can both talk to the PandarianKirin Tor, and the Goblins. It's just player-to-player communication that doesn't work in-game. (We're just not worthy!)
  2. Just by being a leader of a race, you are now a pretty good litigator. Sure, you've had to deal with political in-fighting, this must  qualify you to defend or accuse in a court of law, er, celestial training facility. 

The story provides a lot of wonderful backstory to events leading up to and including the trial. All of the major players (Vol'jin, Anduin, Go'el, Jana, Sylvanas, Varian, Baine and Tyrande ) play active parts in the book, with the point of view bopping around between each person regularly, playing out like an episode of Law & Order. The story includes references from several quests, scenarios and raid events in the game. Which was a little confusing because I haven't finished all the quest zones and the legendary quest line, so I didn't always understand the reference until afterwards. Which probably didn't help that I kept envisioning Garrosh in an orange prison jumpsuit, slumped down in his chair, sulking the entire trial.

The audio edition is a little over 13 hours long. It was well acted with Scott Brick changing up the voices for each character. (click book cover to jump to Amazon and give the sample a listen). Very similar accents and style as those done in the game. With 40 something chapters and my short 15 minute commute to work, I was able to complete at least one chapter each direction without issue.

As with the Shattering, I enjoyed the story. If you enjoy the lore of Warcraft and would like to see how things tie together in the end for Garrosh, I would suggest listening (or reading, if you want to do your own voices! ). I am curious as to what will come alive in-game.

The one question for me that remains, does the book give away the villain of WoD? Only December will say for sure.


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