Post 601 - What Would You Do With a Beta Invite?

This morning I jump into my WoW reading list to see that Beta invites have gone out. Woo-hoo! It's drawing closer! This got me excited, hey, did I get one also? Look into my associated mailbox and what do I find?
Well, that's awesome! I think...

With all the coverage from the open Alpha that's been streaming, constant flood of updates on WoWhead about this UI change and those new do-hickey accessory things, it's been a bit too much.

Am I excited about the new expansion? Sure. It sounds like a lot of great ideas are finally coming together. New character models, "player housing", etc. All fine and dandy.

Do I want to see it early? I think so. With Cataclysm, I explored the Goblin starting area and went all the way through the underwater Vashjir(?) quest line. Pandas I took it slower and played the Panda starting area up to a point. It changed quite a bit by the time I came back on Live. With all the Warlock changes, I had to try out all three specs, at least in the starting area and up the giant hill. It was exciting and new, but made playing that same content over again in Live, a bit boring. I don't care for questing, remember?

How about you? If Blizzard hands you an Beta invite to WoD, are you going to play? What aspects would you check out? What aspects would you avoid?


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