Oh Man! I can't WAIT!!

g'bye old friend
6 years ago, I purchased a refurbished HP M8307C from Fry's Electronics. This PC featuring a screaming Core 2 Quad 6600 processor was wonderful when I first go it. Over the years, I've added more RAM (upto 6GB), added several hard drives (now have 4TB storage) and replaced the video adapter after it burnt out.

Last Friday, after issues with performance and a very frustrated spouse, I plopped down the credit card. I bought the computer from Digital Storm, based on a friend's recommendation. I had been looking at an off-the-shelf HP or Dell from the local CostCo. He likes Digital Storm because they build specifically gaming machines. This means faster video adapters instead of the card built into the motherboard. Better cooling on the CPU so that it's easier to overclock it. A higher (600w) wattage power supply so that you can fully power the machine. Top it off, they don't have the high sticker price that would come from buying AlienWare (similar model is more $$ and has no SSD)

Based on this same friend's suggestion, I selected their Level 4 - Vanquish II. This model features the fastest Intel i5 processor, 8GB RAM, a 2GB NVidia GTX 770 video adapter, and a 128GB SSD boot drive. Instead of leaving it on continuously for fastest access, we should be able to turn it off each time and watch it instantly come on!

The HP still has a purpose, just not gaming. With all that storage inside, I plan to still keep it running as a camera repository. In fact, once I uninstall all my games off it, the machine will be a great kids PC. Webkins and Club Penguin don't need ultra resolution 80 fps!

Next week can't come fast enough.  ;-)


  1. I have a Digital Storm computer and it's been very reliable. And you can call them and someone will answer or get back to you right away.

    1. Loving the computer. It makes playing all those other games I've downloaded on my old HP rather exciting. Assassins Creed 4 has new life in that I can actually capture the runners, and not hope to.


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