Looking for Flex Raiding

As a self-declared "casual" player, I have always had time constraints that prevented successful guild raiding. I WANT to see the higher end raiding content and not have to suffer the pains of LFR, but I also must maintain a happy family life. Unfortunately to maintain that happy family, things like homework, cub scout meetings, soccer practice or even last minute trips to the grocery store will always take precedence. With that said, most of the time, I can play, be it rather LATE (after 10PM local) for most people, but play none the less.

Typical evening:
  • Home from work between 5:30 and 6pm.
  • Dinner 6 to 7pm
  • Assist with homework 7 to 9pm 
  • Stories and tuck kids in bed by 9:15 to 9:30.
With that said, I've been looking at OpenRaid.us for possibilities. Now that Elk has finally reached a 523 gear score, there are a couple of new opportunities popping up (like). Like healing for the first time, I am nervous to commit to a raid this far in advance (i.e. tomorrow). OpenRaid works off a reputation scale. The more you participate, the better your rep. Fail to show, (I'd assume) the lower your rep.

An alternate to planning ahead on OpenRaid could be the "DPS Looking for Flex SOO!" in trade chat. Ever so popular back in Wrath, you seldom see anyone do it nowadays. Or maybe put my name in the 'cross-realm group finder' UI and see if my name ever pops up. Chat has the advantages in that I don't need to be logged onto my healer to actually call out as heals..

So, planning ahead, LFR or spam trade chat. I have options, but none of them replace the simplicity of running with guildies. Friends could text me directly "WTF, raid started!" and I could let them know that I was almost there.

Who would have guessed that playing a video game would require so much planning.


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