Looking for a "Lock List" Refresh

Personally, I use my linked pages on the right sidebar as my WoW news feed; coming here first to see what other warlocks are doing. Unfortunately as of late, most of the 'lock bloggers that I've been following aren't posting regularly, if at all. In fact, my current top-5 contains a weekly podcast (which happens to have a lock), a retired WoW player who seldom posts and a link to WoW Insider.

Here are my current sources, filtered to the top-5 most recent posts.

I would like to add to this.

My Link List requirements :
  1. Minimal off-topic posts. While OT post are fine, non-Warlock posts are fine, I like to link to blogs that keep to WoW wherever possible. 
  2. G-rated!. I will not link to a website that doesn't keep it clean (no profanity, NSFW imagery, trash talk). This isn't the forums, ok?. 
  3. Ads Ok, but minimal. I understand the desire to re-coup costs via a blog, but when more than 50% of the page is an ad, you're just wasting my bandwidth.  
Send me links to other WOW blogs your read, my existing list is getting a little dry. 


  1. I've been following your blog for a while now, and also happen to be a Warlock! We can be link friends!


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