LFR Downfall DPS Guide

Downfall - last section of the Siege of Orgrimmar raid.

Siegecrafter Blackfuse
This boss is the 'get out of the ____' boss. You need to be ready to constantly move out of something before it smashes you. There is a conveyor belt that brings in new weapons. These get fired into the raid party and do various explosions (like a good goblin should).

  1. Bombs that crash down. Causes 'ripples' that come out in waves from boss. Watch for circle on ground and get out of it. Then watch as ripples (like the Terrace of Endless Spring 'Protectors' boss) of rock come off boss. Dance around ring.
  2. Saw blades - thrown from boss and will sit there and spin. Move!
  3. Magnets that draw you towards conveyor (wind of Lei Shen, run and instant cast).
  4. Ring of fire that expands. 
  5. Bombs that target you and then blow up. Target it and DPS.

If you can avoid all that, just dps boss!

Paragons of the Klaxxi

Garrosh Hellscream - IMHO, Garrosh is a fun fight. For a warlock, it's just stay out of the stuff on the ground and AOE adds. 

Twice during our fight, we ported to another location; both were heroic dungeons. During this, just run fast enough to keep up with tank and kill the mini-boss at the end. 

Lots of movement. Lots of things on the ground to run out of. 


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