Elkagorasa the Casual: Elkagorasa, Noodles for the Adventuring Warlock.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Elkagorasa, Noodles for the Adventuring Warlock.

From the Patch notes:
  • Players who have learned the first recipe in each of “the ways” can discover a quest-line that starts on the Timeless Isle: “Noodle Secrets Long Forgotten.” Heroes will search for a long-lost pandaren recipe allowing them to build and run their own noodle cart. The all-new quest-line will revisit some old zones and dungeons, culminating in a solo scenario with a unique time-management mini-game.
  • The noodle cart allows a player to set themselves up as a vendor and distribute powerful noodle soups to their faction.
What I thought:
I am Poh.

So far, I have found the starter quest on the Timeless Isle and done the basic running around (find this toon, then run over there and talk to him). Next, "find the secret ingredient in Jade Serpent". Sigh, specific, not random dungeon run.. Here's to an hour wait in queues..

In other news, my priest alt has Timeless tokens for head, chest, gloves and legs. All from running around with Elk killing beasts and doing quests. This will give her 496 gear on each of these items. Instantly replacing all that hard work last week running Battlefield Barrens to replace with 489 BB Latent Kor'Kron gear. (sigh).

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