Blizzcon 2013, what do you expect to see?

Blizzcon is just a little more than 2 months away, so I decided to speculate on what we might see in November.

WoW Expansion
This seems the most obvious. Mists of Pandaria was released on September 25th, 2012. Blizzard has been busting out the new patches at lightning speed. Less than a year later we've already opened the final chapter of the expansion. If they keep up this rate, we could see another expansion released first quarter 2014 (giving us casuals 6 months to defeat Garrosh).

DD has some great ideas for the next expansion:

Hearthstone release
From my beta testing of Hearthstone, I haven't encountered any 'bugs'. To me, it seems like this is a way to build up hype for the game then to have it actually release at Blizzcon. As some are speculating, codes for card packs to be found in your goodie bag. (wonder if I could justify a virtual ticket?!). This also seems to fit the timing of a release in 2 months.

Titan - nothing. Last I heard, the team on this project has been re-assigned to other projects, i.e. WoW expansion.

Diablo 3/ Starcraft 2 - Sorry don't really play these games. Played D3 one time through, then second play through was like questing in WoW on a slightly stronger alt.

Favorites from the Internet:

  • TenTonHammer - Warcraft Movie Trailer - maybe but from what I've read, they are still choosing cast after the director change earlier this year.
  • GamerTV Forum - WoW F2P at 10yr anniversary, all toons playable cross faction (horde humans), D3 Console controls for PC, another WoW Season Pass with hearthstone bonus card pack, and  free D3 expansion.
  • WoW forums - new character models
  • MMORPG - hinted at here D3 for XBox


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