Warlock Quest-line, Fail #2

Saturday night, after equipping my new gear (bought bracers, got bulging heroic quest drop belt, equipped non-tier items), I thought, why not, and continued the Warlock quest line. You know the one for green fire. I am stuck on the first meta boss, that big floating head. (feel like I am in Wrath dungeons again...)

(video is a play-through so if you're not wanting spoilers, don't watch).
skip to 39min 30sec

Viewing this video, I think maybe I am making it too complicated.

My setup:

  1. Demonic gateway on either side of the dungeon
  2. Demonic portal immediately behind gateway (use port - face gateway).
  3. Void lord on boss
  4. Shadowfury, and brimstone front and center as giant buttons. 
I did:
Dance with boss and use voidlord as tank and terrorguard. When Lost Souls spawn, run for portal and jump across dungeon. AOE lost souls. Shadowfury on boss during his AOE stage. Repeat. Sadly, the best I've seen is him down to about 30% health. I usually get overwhelmed by Lost Souls near this time and can't recover. 

Problems with my method. 
  1. Clicking on the gateway is sometimes nearly impossible when surrounded by lost souls. I get the fight icon, and not the use. Lose a bunch of health when it doesn't work just right... 
  2. If I cast Chaos Bolt, it uses my embers, then I can't AOE the souls. 
  3. Running from lost souls doesn't help. They stun and slow me down...
  4. Pet on Assist means sometimes he runs over, dragging the boss with him, to attack the souls.
Maybe I should:
Avoid gateways, or look into the Gateway Attunement glyph so that I don't need to click on them. 
Put Voidlord on Attack and not assist. That way he keeps the boss in the middle of the room. 
Stop using Chaos Bolt on him, make it a slow burn and use embers for adds. 

Any other advice?


  1. what i did to get past him was send in my pet and then i just kept him dotted and when the little floating bastards spawned i would keep Rof up on them while healing myself with ember tap i just went in a giant circle just moving with the spawns...it was a little time consuming but rather easy once i got the hang of it. my ilvl is 478...it was all about keeping RoF up and saving ember for the heals. now if i could just get passed the fel hunters :/

  2. A non-glyph solution to your gateway blues is the Gatewat Control Stone


  3. Heya Elk,

    Are you talking about the first boss or KE? Let me know via email where you're at and I can hopefully give some tips :) If it's the first boss I only used Portal and the Gateway when I really needed it. Otherwise, I'd stand still and move slowly in a counter clockwise fashion just out of reach of the his AoE line.

    1. nope, not KE, this big fat head. It's the adds that are killing me and maybe it's my destro rotation doing it. I was simply using the gateway and portals so that I could get some range on the lost souls.


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