Patch 5.4: Battlefield: Nagrand?

As Garrosh continues to gather precious resources for his war effort, only to be thwarted by rebellious Horde forces in the Barrens, he starts to look into alternate locations. He falls back to his, resource rich, former home, Nagrand.

Garrosh has already proven to us that he will do anything to progress his agenda. He has drilling operations, animal slaughter, clear-cut lumber operations and even strip mining to gather resources. Would the Mag'har align themselves with Garrosh and support his efforts? Or will we see Thrall's wife, Aggra get directly involved with the war effort and she'll take on the as leading resistance.

I see some favorites with Nagrand. Like B:B, it will get players back into older zones. Nagrand is already rich in resources (assuming Nesingwary hasn't killed off all the animals), plus already listed as a 'contested area'. Hitting Aggra's homeland may enrage Thrall and get him full-on engaged against Garrosh. (Why else would we have a Shattrath portal in Vale of Eternal Blossoms?)

Of course, this is all my own speculation.


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