Elkagorasa the Blood Elf?

and other services includes race change and name change.
In the past, I had thought that my choice of Elk as an orc was wrong and considered doing a paid race change. The orc racial, blood fury, is helpful, but is there another Horde race that would have made for a better warlock?

Hey look at the health of Cata-Beta Elk!
See while leveling and first getting into a new expansion, the Blood Elf Arcane Torrent comes in extremely useful to regain a quick fix of mana, but after mid-expansion, it would only really be a filler spell. Troll Berserking would be useful on any DOTs, as we warlocks can always use more spell haste. Undead healing and no-fear racials always look useful in PVP, but for PVE I am not so sure. Finally, the Goblin alchemy bonus or rocket barrage could be useful in certain situations, but once leveled up, what does +10 alchemy give you but a bump into the next expansion. Bank access could be nice in rare situations where I am questing and left something there. (If only my mammoth had another seat, or I could switch who rode with me.)

I guess, Elkagorasa the Orc Warlock has a nice ring to it, but hmm, maybe a name change? Shorten it to "Elk" the Orc, anyone?


  1. elk has a nice ring to it..but i would leave it how it is!

  2. :) Doesn't look like I even could. There's a NElf on Malfurion named "Elk"..

  3. I say blood elf. I just recently went horde blood elf (warlock) from an ally char. I love the blood elf casting animations...and don't change your name!


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