Where are you hiding Scout Captain Elisa?

Yes, Elk is doing his dailies. Surprised? I really want the rep with the Sunreaver's so that I can get the commendation. That way when my priest opens the area up, she'll earn rep a lot faster!

So, we're trying to turn in Compy Stomp to Scout Captain Elisa. I met her at the entrance to the zone unhidden, now she's hiding somewhere under a shield of invisibility. Unfortunately I can stand on top of her but no zone, no silence, nothing.

This video has made me realize that maybe it's bugged. Watch closely at the beginning, or fast forward to roughly 10minutes 10 seconds. The player runs in and out of the cover. It's absolutely, plainly visible in the video. I stood there last night a few times and nothing.. Tag support? Or drop and re-run the quest?

Try tonight and let you know what I find...

Update: I opened a ticket last night with support. I could check on the status of that ticket now, IF I had brought my authenticator to work... So, anyway, I went and dropped all of the beast pen quests that would end under that dome. Ran back to the quest hub and started over. This time, I found her standing under a dome in a different part of the zone. She had three quests killing sentinels, including one bugger that would heal himself if not interrupted. Note, as destro, I don't have an interrupt, especially if running with a voidwalker, swapped to my observer mid fight to use his.

Update 2: Blizzard got back to me. Evidently she moves around and I simply needed to check back on the day she was working in the area. Dropping the quest line was definitely the best solution.


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