The 7 Easy Steps to new (502) Shoes!

With the 5.3 patch, Blizzard started along the war of Vol'jin against Garrosh. This series of 'quests' details why the war is going on (alliance and horde) and then what we need to do about it.

  1. Start quest line from Lorewalker Cho, and listen to his stories, which lead into the 2 new scenarios Blood in the Snow. Ride between skulls and you can avoid wiping on large fights.
  2. and Darkheart of Pandaria. Kill off some adds around the first boss to get 'shield buff' on group. Collect 1 of (3) each relic for an achievement.
  3. Fly to Senjin village (horde), talk to Vol'jin. Raid the Kor'kron camps around the Barrens. I found this easier if I simply killed two commanders. They show up as little huts on your barrens map. As DPS, I could simply sit there and kill the boss, I'd get some splash healing. (I wasn't able to solo the one elite I tried by myself, they are all level 92.) You don't have to tag the boss, even grey I got drops from him. Even after dying, I corpse ran back and still got my 4 resources! Nice.
  4. Defend Senjin Village. Don't forget, you can fly to the cannons. Just hop over to them, kill the goblin defender and hop back.
  5. Defend Razor Hill. Three mini-bosses, but nothing difficult. Solo'd it on my warlock; had tank and hunter dps on my disc priest.
  6. Pickup and complete Old Seer quest from the panda standing next to Voljin in Razor Hill. Fairly painless escort quest. Solo'd it on my disc priest in 450 level gear. More lore, less fighting.
  7. Pickup the quest reward, your new ilevel 502 shoes.
For my warlock, who had LFR shoes, it was a little upgrade. They have +HIT on them. For my priest, she jumped 3 iLevel (overall) with the shoes alone.


  1. Great, quick guide!

    I did this on my newly dinged DK, which was hilarious. She went from 437 boots to 502 *lol*


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