Heroic Scenarios coming in 5.3!

I dread the moments running through my daily scenario. It typically is quick and easy now that Elk is running in 490+ gear. Only when we have someone who's never ran the specific scenario is there typically any chance of a wipe (typically due to over pulling). So when I was reading through the PTR notes, I got excited AND disappointed:
  • Heroic Scenarios
    • A heroic difficulty for Scenarios have been added and are designed to provide challenging content for small groups of well-seasoned adventurers. Completing a Heroic Scenario awards Valor points, and a chance to obtain Raid Finder quality items.
    • Heroic scenarios require a pre-made group to join.
    • Heroic scenarios offer bonus objectives that will reward additional valor if completed.
      • An option to run a random heroic scenario has been added as a drop-down in the scenario tab in Dungeon Finder.
    • Players can complete a normal or heroic scenario for bonus valor each day, but not both.
    • Six heroic scenarios will be available in patch 5.3. Four are new and two are upgrades of existing normal scenarios.

Yeah, 502 iLevel gear from a scenario! Boo requires a 'pre-made' group. I guess my best bet is to run a regular scenario, then re-queue for a heroic scenario.

Another interesting scenario change is the option to run cross-faction scenarios.
  • Lorewalker Cho will allow heroes to take part in either faction's scenarios, so players can see what the other side has been up to.

I've always been curious if an alliance character is driving Big Bessa. (Oh, NM, it looks like Alliance are sweeping up after the Horde's attack).


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