Today's the day...

Today is the day that my account renews. I was seriously considering putting my account on hold for a few months. Those guildies that raided, have disappeared. My friends who ran dungeons with me, stopped. I logged on the first time this month and all those friends on my real-id list show "over 1 month" as last logon. It's a lonely, quiet place.

For kicks, I logged on last night and ran some randoms (3 scenarios and heroic Scholomance). I find scenarios really fun. I can typically connect in only a few minutes (>5), some different mechanics in each one (bombard bugs, fight monkeys for beer, use fireworks on attackers). Plus the daily reward isn't half bad. Afterwards, I was sporting the skin of Professor Slate. While polymorphed, you get a little +Nature damage buff. Nice! Fun!

I've reached 460 average iLevel. I am ready for LFR, I think. Probably should browse the raid videos and see what's out there to prep me. I was peeking at AskMrRobot again the other day and they've released the beta build. With this, it appears the best raid for me to drop into "Terrace of Endless Spring" with almost 20 upgrade options.

Yes, that means basically everything needs upgrading, including my 440 chest, pvp helm, hallows end rings, and lots of blues. So, except for the Inscribed Jade Fan, I need some work.

I am looking forward to 5.2 dropping. Not for the green fire, but the quest line to get there. From my read of the walkthrough, it sounds similar to the "Battered Hilt" questline from Wrath. In that quest line you travel through the old Sunwell raid (special secret back door) to finalize the reforging of the blade. Wrathion, Black Temple, we're gonna to reminisce about Dad.

Did I put it on hold? Nope, found a new level of interest and heck with those home projects. I got things to do and people to quest for.


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