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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

D3 vs WoW Talent Tree

Last night, along with probably a good portion of  you (ok, honestly sometime this week because it was midnight PDT when it started) fired up Diablo 3 and started playing through some clickity clickity battles. As a noob Diablo player, this was an interesting (albeit frustrating) interface. I kept running into issues during battles when I'd revert to WoW mode and attempt to move using the WASD keys. I am all for strafing using SHIFT+A and firing off spells from the button bar. Unfortunately, when I hit these keys, menus kept popping up during the Skeleton King fight. 4 wipes, so far.

Aside from that, I think I see what Blizzard is attempting with the very simplified MoP Talent tree. If you haven't played Diablo before, (playing a witch doctor) on my PC, mouse button 1 is my primary dps spell (poison dart), mouse button 2 is my long cool down spell (grasp of dead). My first new 'talent'  (@ level 4) came in the form of 'summon zombie dogs'; it gets placed on keyboard 1. As I progress, new 'classes' of spells will be placed in the subsequent keyboard #s. (1 = Defense, 2 = Terror, 3=Decay, 4=Voodoo).

With MOP, this GUI will be a thing of the past.. 
I see this emerging in the Panda beta. We are down from somewhere in the range of 30 spells that a warlock can cast, down to a focused group around 15(?). We'll have 6 talent levels to choose from and 4 or 5 class/build specific spells. Ideally we'd only really need one button bar, 2 if you add trinket triggers, etc.. No longer needing rows and rows and rows of button bars.

It could be really interesting...

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  1. Heya Elk,
    I made the dumb mistake of clicking everything in D3 at first. I clicked everywhere to move and spam clicked to fire off shots with Poison darts. Finally, a friend told me you could hold down your left mouse button to move and keep holding it down when targeting a mob for rapid firing. Duh! I feel so dumb but now my wrist doesn't hurt anymore!


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