Drown Your Sorrows (Achievement)

One of the easy achievements I still have to complete is "Drown your sorrows". Basically you are to drink each of the various beverages introduced with Cataclysm. I wanted a quick break down of where I can get each of these items. This WowHead comment sums it up for Alliance, here's my Horde breakdown.

Batamsi in the Troll District will vendor:

From the Orgrimmar Cata recipe vendor (Shazdar)

From cooking trainer, Arugi:
  • Darkbrew Lager is a trainable recipe. Required materials can be purchased from Sarah Brady in Dalaran's underbelly. Or the barmaids in Shattrath. Which ever is closer for you. 

From drops/ remote vendor:
  • Fungus Squeezings is a reasonably common drop from Cata instances, but can also be found on select mobs in Tol Barad, Hyjal, or Vashj'ir. Sold by Grunka in the Hyjal or Zungam in Z'A. Grunka is phased out, by the time you are doing the Fireland's dailies. is a member of the Twilight _____ (darn if I forget). She is only accessible when you do the undercover missions and are friendly with this group. If you are not on the quest, she is inaccessible. If you've completed the quests, she's gone. 
  • Greasy Whale Milk is a drop from Vashj'ir or Uldum, or purchasable from Caretaker Movra at Silver Tide Hollow. 
  • Murky Water is bugged as of this patch.Sold by Grunka in the Hyjal or Zungam in Z'A.

So to complete this achievement, I need 4 more beverages. This means going to
  1. Go see Batamsi and buy Fresh Water. That's easy.
  2. Go visit Sarah Brady and buy the alcohol for the lager (ugh, where's my portal again?)
  3. Grab the port in Dalaran back to Orgrimmar and hit the portal to Vashjir, get the Greasy Whale Milk.
  4. Hearth back. Fly my alt (who hasn't worked in Hyjal) out to Grunka and get 100 murky water. (sell 98 on auction house). 


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