Elkagorasa the Casual: Your Very Own Horde Balloon

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Your Very Own Horde Balloon

So, you like pets and you see everyone with those great balloon pets, but haven't asked where to get one? This pet is a reward from a strange little gathering quest, seems like a good candidate for Children's week, but hits closer to the State fair.

Ok, go find Jaga. He's standing right out side the Drag, near the little pond. He's a young orc boy. Jaga has a low-level quest for you. He's lost his balloons and they flew away (in town). Go get all 5 for him.

The balloons are easy enough to find. Look in corners of the Drag. I found all between him and the cooking trainer. The furthest out was by the mailbox out by the stairs at the far end.

Once you hand over all 5 balloons, he lifts off and thanks you for allowing him to see the world. I followed him up to the top of the zeppelin tower, then he disappeared.

I wonder if we'll see Jaga again out on the country side? Maybe trying to build himself a zep of his own?

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  1. If you are alliance there is a girl in the Cathedral square-i think her name is Vinn that has the same quest.


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