Your Very Own Horde Balloon

So, you like pets and you see everyone with those great balloon pets, but haven't asked where to get one? This pet is a reward from a strange little gathering quest, seems like a good candidate for Children's week, but hits closer to the State fair.

Ok, go find Jaga. He's standing right out side the Drag, near the little pond. He's a young orc boy. Jaga has a low-level quest for you. He's lost his balloons and they flew away (in town). Go get all 5 for him.

The balloons are easy enough to find. Look in corners of the Drag. I found all between him and the cooking trainer. The furthest out was by the mailbox out by the stairs at the far end.

Once you hand over all 5 balloons, he lifts off and thanks you for allowing him to see the world. I followed him up to the top of the zeppelin tower, then he disappeared.

I wonder if we'll see Jaga again out on the country side? Maybe trying to build himself a zep of his own?


  1. If you are alliance there is a girl in the Cathedral square-i think her name is Vinn that has the same quest.


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