Questing? Who Needs Questing?

Just before midnight on June 19th, Eride reached level 80. It wasn't that momentous. We had just killed the second to last boss of Oculus and loot was being distributed. I almost completely missed grabbing a screenshot when it happened. Happily, I was able to switch to healer (green) dragon rather easily after a test wipe. Spam #1 on boss, then it's a warlock style health funnel (#3) on the party.

At 80:
  1. BOA gear didn't appear to grant extra XP; when turning in a quest. I flipped between a level 80 green chest and the boa chest and saw the same 7500 xp for a hyjal quest. 
  2. BOA gear has an estimated iLevel of 187. 
  3. By replacing my wrath BOA gear, with cata greens, I was able to get to up to an ilevel of 216. I spent approximately 150g at the AH and bought 4 or 5 ilevel 265+ gear. 
  4. Questing in Hyjal, is, well, boring. At least compared to dungeon running. (IMHO). I completed 16 quests into the area, picked up a nice 275 green quest reward staff, then looked for something else.
  5. Dungeons have lost their locate me, before you play me requirement. At i226 gear score, I was able to queue up for BRM and TOT.
  6. So far, mana hasn't been an issue. I can only remember one DK tank who I couldn't manage to keep alive and it wasn't because of OOM issues. He would take damage in 40% hits, but this same tank also had patience issues. He started a boss fight in ToT before all the DPS was even back from the graveyard. b'bye, vote-kick!
  7. Gear sites like and are now (starting to be) relevant; providing gear options.
  8. During the last 2 dungeons, Throne and Blackrock, dropped a trinket for her. This means that she's replaced all pre-cataclysm BOA gear. This brought her gear score up to i277.
  9. Leveling isn't THAT much slower with only 1 BOA piece (cloak) and perks available with a level 16 guild. After the 16 quests, I ran 1 heroic wrath (70 justice points) and 2 normal cata dungeons (140 justice points) and dinged 81.
  10. At 81, 2 more of the Cataclysm dungeons opened up to me.
So, will I be questing my way to rep with Hyjal? Oh, probably not. I think my best option will be continuing to running dungeons, then start questing in Deepholm. That way I can get the nifty shoulder enchants. (hyjal's are BOA, so I can mail them from Elk).


  1. Xay√≠de@GurubashiJun 27, 2011, 8:49:00 AM

    Don't forget that you have to do quite a few quests in Hyjal in order to be able to have access to the new quest hub in patch 4.2!
    I was leveling my mage this weekend and made sure I did all the quests up to "Aessina's Miracle" before moving on.


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