PTR Wall of Text

I logged onto the PTR tonight (5/31 - 6/1) and decided to take things for a spin. Since "a picture is worth a thousand words", here's my wall of text:

A i378 Wand for 700 valor. Good bye Corla's Baton.
(yes there is also a healer wand)

Update: As Xayide pointed out in the comments, they just introduced a Crystalized Firestone Quartermaster in Firelands. There's more info on this on the Wowhead blog, but by downing a Firelands boss (minimum gear iLevel 355 requirement) you can pickup a firestone and exchange the stone with your item to get the i392 item. 

New i378 Valor point bracers. (Healer and DPS)

New Tier Gear is the same price as existing valor gear.

Old Tier Gear is priced equivalently, just in JP.

Last, a new animation for Soul Harvest!
No longer look like a shadow priest.

I don't remember a portal in Hyjal back to Orgrimmar??

Finally, I ended the night, by starting the epic quest chain to rescue Thrall. I got about 10 quests into it, then was DC'd from the server. If you read "The Shattering", consider this part 2 of Thrall's (aka Go'el) story. He comes to finish up the healing of Hyjal, only to be kidnapped and you need to save him. This chain would be best served with a crew. There will be a lot of competition for kills (kill 20 of these elementals, blah).  On the PTR, I was competing with Horde and Alliance characters. They respawned really quickly and had 0 aggro (green) until attacked. This may change in final production, but it was nice due to the respawn rate and they hit like a truck.

Elk, Elk?, Aggra and Thrall head out for a meeting.


  1. Xay√≠de@GurubashiJun 1, 2011, 7:48:00 AM

    You know what's best about that wand and a few other items? They will be able to be upgraded to heroic level using a token dropped by Firelands heroic bosses (Crystallized Shard or something...). Yes, even the Valor pieces.

    The new animation for Soul Harvest looks amazing! It's really cool and distinct right now.

    It's weird how the new tier pieces' models are not applied to the purchasable items themselves... But hey, it's still the PTR.

  2. Yeah, the new animation reminded me of how Drain Soul changed. Don't remember the patches but Drain Soul gained the flying faces. (like this).


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