IT: WoW = Disneyland

Being a California native and dad of 2 small kids, I have made numerous trips to the Magic Kingdom. Mickey is good friends with this orc and his kin. As an adult, one of the most intriguing aspects of Disneyland is mystic and freshness of everything. I can't help but marvel at the perfect flower beds, the clean park grounds and newness of everything. The time, I played the Human starting area, I thought darn aren't flower beds neat and grounds tidy.

Dungeon = Ride. Finish one ride, er, heroic dungeon, simply re-queue. Like on Splash Mountain, Brer Fox and Brer Bear will be right there again with Brer Rabbit captured (in honey) again, waiting for you to save him.

Disneyland @ Christmas
Holidays are never forgotten. Long is Disney's, and Blizzard's tradition of celebrating the holidays. Ok, this is a bit of a stretch, but I wanted to include it, especially since we're just ending a long series of in-game holidays.

 Interesting Cinematics - Now, I don't mean just the entertaining thing you see when you click on the fountain (you know where Snow White sings), but just the flow of things. I absolutely think of the Pirates of Caribbean each and every time I ride the dragon to down to the bottom of the Caverns of Time; the boat stuck in the wall, the ramshackle farm house and even the little 'stages' for each dungeon all add to the feeling.

Oh, sorry, gotta go. Got to light a basic campfire, there are s'mores to cook. Back to the adventure at hand.

Happy Vacationing everyone!


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