The 4.2 Currency Conversion, BOO!

I just realized the full impact of the upcoming 4.2 currency conversion. See, I have been saving my valor points in order to purchase that 700 valor point wand, immediately when 4.2 drops. Unfortunately, it appears Blizzard is not going to let that happen.

With the release of patch 4.2 all Valor Points will be converted down to Justice Points up to the 4000 point cap, with any points over the cap being converted to gold at a rate of 47 silver per point. In addition, all previous Tier 11 Valor items will now be purchasable with Justice from the Justice Point vendors, and new Tier 12 Valor items will be available from the Valor vendors. (source)
So, if your valor + justice points equal more than 4000, SPEND SPEND SPEND. Buy an heirloom piece, buy a bag of goodies.  Personally, the 47 silver for each point over 4000, isn't going to be worth it. At least, I'll get my 2 more tier items (legs and hands) immediately.

Final note: The last PTR download was under 5mb. Besides some last minute tweaks, I'd highly anticipate 4.2 on June 21st. First day of Fire Festival + Rage of Firelands.. See a theme??


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