Chef's Delight

I love cooking. Before I started playing WoW, some 4+ years ago, the concept of a game that allowed you to create things was absolutely foreign and strange. You can make things, then sell them to other players for money?? WoW! Yes, coming from a long FPS background, you only go that nice gravity gun after you killed the mini-boss who had it. Of course, then it dropped from everyone, but, that's a different life.

Now, as I've been leveling fishing, (that 'profession' I never thought I'd max out), I've picked up a ton of fish. When completed  I cooked them up and threw them all on the AH (getting 10g for the one of the strength recipes).

Looking at the caster recipes, I am wondering what is everyone's favorites. Here's a quick list of the Cataclysm recipes I see will grant an Int, Hit, Haste or "highest stat" well fed buff.

Based on my experience, I personally like the Pickled Guppy. +Intellect is an easy call on a buff that would be useful. The fish are fairly easy to catch while running around in Twilight Highlands. Just follow the river from the Horde port. My guild is still about 1500 items from the Broiled Dragon Feast, so I am thinking we should pick up some BBQs for the (first) raid next week.

What is your favorite recipe? Why do you use it? When do you use it?


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