I have legs!

Playing a warlock, you get used to seeing your toon in robes. Long dramatic clothing that goes down to the ground. Today in a pugged a Heroic Deadmines. From the second to last boss (Cookie still has a fairly good wand too! ), I picked up a chest piece that show my pants. I had to double check to see that I had my chest piece on...

 i346 with stam, int, mastery and crit! sweet!

I haz legs

I came into this dungeon when they lost one of their DPS. Looked like a guild run as they were all from, well the same server and guild. The next series of fights to follow Cookie, evolved around Vanessa VanCleef (only in Heroic). She is a rogue, who poison's you. You then experience a series of nightmares and have to fight that nightmare's meta-boss. I died standing in the fire. Then I died standing in the fire again on the boat. Note the rope is a vehicle, grab it at the bottom.

Edit: Not long before this was posted, I ran a heroic Blackrock and picked up the most excellent BOP chest. Now I am back into a man-skirt again.  


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