What the Shattering means to me.

A quick run down.
  1. My pictures from the Beta, now look like live. 
  2. Cry because the portals are gone in Dalaran. Caverns of Time portal works, but is it shorter than flying to a zep? Dunno.
  3. Cheer cause so are the flight restrictions (in Dal at least).
  4. Cooking Dailies in Org  (see Marogg). +1 cooking skill if not max. Otherwise just +1 cooking award (see vendor standing next and no, not same as Dal cooking daily award) and 7.4g. Looking forward to a little in-game espresso..
  5. I can now roll a troll druid and start leveling up. (oh, sorry just joking).  Saw a level 7 troll druid on at 10pm local.
  6. Had to retalent and reglyph my priest. 
  7. I now need to change my tabard to the Goblin one, gotta have my trike.(see Frizzo Vallamar by Orgrimmar flight master/trainer). No rep yet, even hFoS. Cataclysm.:(
  8. Carbonite is broken (as with I suppose any number of addons). Updated via WowMatrix and Curse before loading.
  9. Spotted some new fauna in Orgrimmar. 
  10. You get to see the Goblin (troll and Tauren) home zone in Org, without the background of playing the starting area. Note, the mage trainer and lock trainer aren't as social earlier on. 
  11. Land changes, including development of Troll starting area. 

 Nice first day in New Orgrimmar. Little sad cuz I wanted to get to bed earlier.


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