It's a Dead Man's, Doomsday Party, Who Could Ask For More?

I was struck with the notion to log in this evening and dance with Catrina. Day of the Dead, as I mentioned before, is one of those interesting holiday's. Sadly or smartly, I could not locate a Macabre Mariachi Marionette. Does not look like this is a permanent pet, still.

What I did find was fire elementals. Their sprouting up all over town. As Horde, I did all my questing in Orgrimmar. Here's a basic walk-through.

  1. Find Blood Guard Torek in front of the big bonfire by entrance of Org. He has a quest for you. So does one of the Earthen Ring shaman standing by him. Pick up both. 
  2. As you head towards Grommash Hold (i.e. Thrall's office), chat to the first Doomslayer you see by entrance of the Drag, then the next three have packages for you. Grab one at each.
  3. See Grommash Hold and say Hi to the Earthen Ring Tauren in there. Head back to Torek
  4. Torek now wants you to put up "don't believe the cultist" propaganda. Look for little blue hunter's marks. All over the place. Grab your first five and turn in quest. 
  5. Grab a Recruit's Robe from first Doomslayer by entrance to Drag. Now head outside Orgrimmar. Equip robe.
  6. Talk to Overseer Jintak (Jaggedswine Farm). Turn in quest, pick up new one.
  7. Find the four people for "The Missing", then equip the sandwich board, and run into the entrance of both zepplin towers (note the guards ridicule). I was able to stay mounted.
  8. Now run down to the center or Razorback Hill (wish you had a flight path there yet?) and back.
  9. When you return, Jintak will have another quest for you. Look for the podium and listen in on the status report. (boss in first dungeon?). This give you a lead into your next step.
  10. Jilak now gives you a handful of igniters. These are those floaty hourglass shaped items all over town. Turn in the igniters to Torek.
  11. Torek, now wants you to destroy 5 of the igniters around town. No worries, I did it on my 80 lock and 53 disc priest. The elementals spawned 1 level below my current level (79 and 52 respectively). I saw a level 29 also fending off one. 
  12. Finally, get last quest, "run and tell Garrosh". (He didn't look happy). Complete that and turn in. You're done.
Easy 20k XP and ~1000 Orgrimmar rep on my priest and 200g on my lock. Just had to remember to equip my BOA gear when I came into town. Was in my "around town" gear on my priest. The phasing was rather nice, no overlap, no worries about fighting for limited resources (but it is day 1).


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