Bling Zing!

Reviewing this week's Blood Pact, I realized that my ideal gem selection has changed. I was never a big fan of stacking Spirit on my gem selection, but it worked better when trying to match gem colors. Now that Spell power is only on weapons, it makes gemming a LOT easier.

Looking over Elk's gear, I just realized that he is running 4 Purified Dreadstones. Their suggestion is to replace them with veiled (purple +hit) or brilliant (red) gems. I personally also like the reckless (orange +haste) for my affliction spec (DOTS burn faster when cooked with +haste). For a breakdown of all the pretty +int gems, here's a few to consider.

If you haven't reforged your level 80's gear yet, I suggest you check out the entire article over at Wow Insider for Adam's review of what you should remove all that Spirit for (and why you may need to make up an additional 6% Hit).


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