Sorry to offend

Just a few minutes ago, while working in Mt Hyjal, clearing dragonkin, I got a pst telling me that I was a #)(*@ RICHARD. All CAPS at that. Ouch! I was hurt, sorta. Best I could figure is this poor DK couldn't compete with my caster reach for tagging mobs. Sure, I ran around then let my minion beat them down. What else was is a lock to do when there's only 6 mobs, I need to kill 12 and there's 5 other people competing for resources? Mr. DK, every aff-lock has had this problem before, because our DOTs don't didn't tick immediately. I've lost mobs where I was first, but melee (aka you) was standing right there and hit it too. Sorry to offend, but what are you going to do when there are 15, 30 or 100 people all competing for those same mobs?

In other news, I am still questing in Cata as destruction. I have respec'ed back into Improved Soul Fire, now that I found Soulburn makes it Instant Cast. The hard part is SB has an almost 45s CD (ATM).
SB-SF, Bane of Agony, CoE, Corruption, Imm,Fel Fire, Conflag, Inc, CB

 The last patch brought some great UI improvements. First off, pieces of PowerAuras are visible. When Impowered Imp triggered, I saw this aura show up on my lock. (Edit: These UI updates are currently on the PTR servers for deployment, very very soon)

Instant SF
In addition, they have added spell specific actiavations, for example when something proc's. Here is Soul Fire's button around it after a SoulBurn. Personally, I love that this has been added to the game. I'd like make this configurable like that in PowerAuras. If so, I could configure things like Fel Armor falling off, or my Flask of Frost Wyrm needing refreshed.


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