Getting the leveling greens

Elk with a (free-beta enhanced) race change.
It always happens. In comes a new expansion, out goes all your epic purple gear for quest greens.

At level 82, Deepholm opens up as an explorable area. Here, you are questing to 1) fix the damage Deathwing caused when escaping his prison 2) determine who may have helped him escape (twilight cohorts?). There appears to have been some conspiracy here, as one quest chain has you investigate mysterious deaths on an Alliance gunship. (just started this)

So far, Elk has made it 2/3rd the way to 83. He has replaced:
  • i251 Tier-10 legs and shoulders
  • i232 neck
  • i245 wand (triumph badge wand)
  • i251 offhand and sword
  • i251 bracers
  • i264 belt. 
One of the biggest changes that I am seeing is the dramatic amounts of stamina and intellect stacking on all the gear, just look at my health. In Wrath (5600 gs), I had 21,000 unbuffed. Not really worried about +hit during leveling, since all my mobs are within 1 level of me. Haste is staying on balance with Wrath; Crit is a bit low, but that may simply be my gear selection. (ref:

Overall, the stat changes make gear selection easier (IMHO). I am currently working off: Int > Haste > Crit
I am still trying to figure out this mastery score, but I think Blizzard is too.


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