Arena fail

Last night, Felruk and I ran another 10, obligatory fights in the rated Arenas. Unfortunately, that was another 7 losses and 3 wins. This isn't saying much, because 1 defaulted, 1 no-show and one, well, one member of the team disappeared, did 0 damage then reappeared when his spell/potion wore-off. I was curious if he was hoping we'd forfeit when we couldn't find him.
  • I think I need more practice
  • I think I was dying too quickly. 
  • I think we need a healer.
  • I think Felruk was sleepy and distracted (daughter sitting on his lap).
Practice would make the spells come easier. I felt much better getting DOTs on my targets, but still.. I could do better. Now that I am running destruction again, my Fears are taking almost (seems like) a minute to cast. So long, that casting Fear is pointless if they are already attacking me. Howl is great, but it still has a 1s cast time. Shadowflame and Soulflame are great, but both have a long cooldown.

Felruk has a pally alt. Maybe I can talk him into running a few with Baeloc. His pally does not have any PVP gear, so he'll be squishy, but still has ICC-10 raiding gear. Having a healer would both help us both last longer. Last longer, maybe get a bit more practice in, so we won't die so quickly.

Felruk has a PVP set, but it's not enchanted or fully gemmed. I am considering purchasing these enchants for him and mailing them to him!

At this point, Arena is a chance to get 250 arena points each week. I should have enough points to get the last Relentless piece of my set (trousers). Last Wednesday in ICC, I picked up the Frost Needle, which has a nice bit of hit on it. (Enchanted with +63 SP last night). I am replacing my Quel'delar with this for PVP to get my hit rating up. It appears I need to maintain about 100 hit for other level 80 players (seems low considering I typically run close to 350 for raiding).


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