Harmless Alt Fun

It all started off as innocent leveling of my bank toon. Running a level 12 toon from the bank/auction house in Orgrimmar all the way around to the inscriptionist trainer is painful! So, during the Fire Festival last week, I had my priest do the 2 dailies (in BOA gear). Well, from that spawned using the fire-pole buff to get another 5% buff when killing monsters, so I started questing. That went really, really quickly. Collectively gaining +25% additional xp (gear + buff) then 9 months of rested bonus added up to some quick leveling. Heck, I went from 12 - 16 in no time flat. 4 levels to go from there. At 20, I'd be able to train apprentice riding and mount up my pretty pony.

See, at 15, you can start running dungeons. Yep, and the beauty of it, they give you a satchel of goodies just for doing it via the RDF. So, I queue'd my priest up DPS (warlock at heart and all! Note, a shadow priest at 15 to 19 plays a lot like a affliction warlock. Dot, damage then wand.)  20 minutes later, I am running Ragefire Chasm. Best of all, I am in a group and we all run it 4 times, until we all ding at 17. I net a nice new pair of pants, new cuffs and 4 satchels containing blue cloaks. The next day, I don't log on until after midnight local (which is 2am server) and find a 35 minute wait for a group. A group that fails to start because someone went afk or fell asleep. Requeue for another 15 minutes to even start.

This get's me thinking about healing, and the short queue time. A friends plays a healie priest. He's told me about this addon that he absolutely loves for healing, called Vuhdo. At the heart of it, Vuhdo is a panel on my display that shows my parties health. (check out this youtube video) I assign mouse-keyboard combinations and simply click on the panel, i.e. left click = instant-cast heal, right click = long heal, mouse wheel = HOT, etc.. I queued up Heal and DPS (5 minutes instead of 30), and got my first gig as healer running Shadowfang Keep. It went absolutely beautiful. No deaths at all. Happy with myself, I respec out of Shadow and into Holy/Disc (Ner suggested this) Queue up last night, ran Deadmines (3 bbles from 20) surprisingly as DPS (cuz they kicked a rogue), then requeue and get Shadowfang Keep. Two people drop group, our Tank and tank's healer (spouse, it sounded like from party chat). So, Pally, a good-for-nothing-afk mage and myself start clearing trash. Pally did an excellent job aggroing mobs, I shield and healed him then dot'd and wanded the mobs. Just about the time to go into the courtyard (grab quests?) our tank and heals join up. End the night one bubble from 21 (taxi to barrens to get last 700xp)

OK, now the lock part. As a lock, we don't do buffs. We don't cast friendly spells on our party members (detect invis or unending breath anyone?). I would love to use the Vuhdo on the attackers. Click, click, click to apply curse. right-click on each to apply corruption. Then I find the tank's mob and go through and start regular casting with 1,2,3 keys. I'll let you know what I find out. Soulstones, just don't sound like a good enough reason to load it.


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