Elkagorasa the Pug Raider

 Last night, I was lucky enough to be asked to fill a DPS slot in a new (progression) ICC 25-man raid. The guild has a few members that I used to do heroics with, so they had some experience with me. This guild has been running ICC for awhile, but hasn't downed all the bosses yet. The beauty of joining an existing raiding group is that most of them have fairly decent gear (high 5500 -> 6100).

I missed out on a few drops, simply because I didn't know how to bid on the first boss (nice neck dropped). I was lucky enough to get the following:
  1. Corp'rethar Ceremonial Crown - This crazy helm has fire or green gases emitting from it. As Fulguralis mentioned, it is a bit 'hawt', but I also feel like batman. I got this for the minimum bid of "4 dkp".
  2. Plague Scientist's Boots - These boots dropped off the last plague wing boss we did, Festergut.(21dkp)
  3. Dark Coven Leggings - I was only 10 Frost badges away from 95 when I started the raid. By completion, I was exactly at 95, so I bought my second Tier10 set piece. Before the raid, I was going buy a new helm, but that was screwed up with #1.
  4. Ashen Band of Destruction - I went from 1100 until Friendly with Ashen Verdict through to 4500 until Honored during the raid. This was a most excellent upgrade from the healy triumph ring I had equipped.
1000g for 6 gems and 3 enchants later, I am now ready for (hopefully, no wife aggro) for the continuation tonight. After all those purchases, I did run a random heroic and found my DPS nice, but I think I lost some haste. My cast time seems a slight bit slower. I had used Nib's gem flowchart to determine my gem selection, so I am sure it's on-track, but maybe??, maybe a bit more haste couldn't hurt. Heck it's only 160g.

Overall, it was a great run. I got the achievement for completeing the entry bosses in ICC. I got 4 very useful upgrades. Best of all, I got to try something new.


    1. Gratz on the items! ICC25 is fun!

    2. Of course, it's not wife-aggro that kept me from playing tonight it was a dead DNS server. I just swapped over to opendns and got right online.. :( probably lost my spot on the progression..

      ah well...

    3. I'm envious - I'm still waiting to see those boots drop in our guild ICC 25s!

      Getting an achievement or two seems less important than actually experiencing more of the instance but it's the key to get into more ICC pugs. So, congratulations on that, I see more ICC runs in your near future!


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