Warlock DPS Spreadsheet for 3.3 (and more)

I was approached by a friend today asking for my input on Warlock theorycrafting. Oooo, honored! Anyway, her guild has told her that she needs to improve her DPS. She's got a lot of end-game raiding drops, so I am really surprised.

Here are my suggestions to her:

  1. Review gemming priority. Focus on spell power when ever possible. Get rid of the mixed gems that are just there to get socket bonus (per MC Flowchart)

  2. Try out different talents/gear combination's using a spreadsheet like: DPS Spreadsheet.

  3. Replace outdated or missing gems per Wow Heroes

  4. Purchase badge gear where possible, everyone should check out the Brimstone Igniter and Tier-10 "Dark Coven Shoulderpads". 25 Triumph and 60 Frost are not THAT hard to get.

  5. Be Imba (see link on sidebar) is working on a similar report. Nice details.

Beware of sites like MaxDPS.COM and LootRank.com. They only work off the raw numbers and not actual combination equipment. For example, MaxDPS is saying the #1 in-slot head is the what I have equipped (Hood of Smoldering Aftermath) and not the Dark Coven Hood. I am guessing the math thinks everyone is below the hit cap.

Not sure if this is true, but I thought the only way to see Tier-10 warlock gear was the vendor inside the ICC raid instance. According to WowHead, I can purchase these pieces from Rueben Lauren in Dalaran. That would definitely make it easier to purchase. No more forming a 2 person raid group.



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