Successful OoT/RtL TOC-10 run!

Last night was a first for the guild in a long time. We had a very successul run of TOC-10 with a mix of 7 Order of Thought recent and former members plus pugged 3 people from Ride the Lightening. We managed to 2-shot all the of the various bosses. One for all the noobs (like myself) to see the fight, then a second to complete it! I picked up a nice cloth belt on the last boss of the night.


  • Elkagorasa
  • Nerindel
  • Shiraz
  • Alaria/Muhan
  • Felruk
  • Carnichan
  • Cassanova
  • Benarsis
  • Bethsyn
  • Besheu

Best off, this group was immediately able to fall into the Naxx-"daily". A few toon-flips to get the non-saved team and we had Noth down in no-time.


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