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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Easy Money

This lock has always been on the lookout for easy source of gold. Our economy here in Azeroth, or more specifically Dalaran, relies on the constant flow of gold. Sure, I am not one to brag (much) about my bling, but money has been coming easier now that I have started referring to Lil Sparky's Workshop.

Lil Sparky has made it very easy to calculate my actual profit on a crafted item, using actual local data. My auctioneer data is fed into a chart comparing the various epic crafted items; showing a grand total to make, and grand total for the mats.

On my server, I can see that the Majestic Zircon gem is selling for approximately 150g, but mats are only 45g. That's a 300% margin on the one gem. I just need to check each day, and craft the gem, stack them til Saturday for the best market. Guaranteed sale typically within a few hours.

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