Whew! Finally over!

The long, strange trip is finally over and now I can rest up.. Day of the Dead!?

( edit: none of this valid)

If you're curious, this is also my gui. I have been tweaking my location of buttons due to suggestions from my guild tank.
Starting at the bottom center, going clockwise, they are:

Bottom Center:

Primary rotation mapped to (1. COA/COE/COD, 2. Immolate, 3. Chaos Bolt, 4. Conflagerate, 5. Incinerate) then Life Tap on 6, and a corruption macro (corruption + blood fury) on 7. I love using Shadowfury(8) as a start on my AOE -> Rain of fire(9). 0 is drain life and "-" is drain soul. Above that is two rows of seldom used, but still necessary spells. Pet bar on top of that, and then (under the achievement display) myself and my target, with my pet above my right and target's target on top left.

Bottom left:
Temporary items, instance/quest macros and skills.

Left side:
Party bars - not shown.

Top Left:
Raid grid (I use xPerl's grid.) - also not shown

Top Right:
Mini-map, courtesy Carbonite.
Buff/debuff icons (I like the big display so I can see them quickly. I did notice that the debuff's appear under the mini-map though. Hard to see my charge in Naxx. :(

Right side:
Health/elixir center and frequently used non-combat spells (i.e. healthstone, (random) mounts, summoning stone and water walking elixir).
I've also macro'd the Demonic Circle spell. (alt = create, no-mod = teleport). The + icon is a macro for emergency situations, spam it to use all/any healing options including bandages.
Omen will show up here when in combat.

Bottom Right:
Recount if I open it.
Bag and game option buttons which hide during combat (via Bartender4).
Necrosis - for the one-click soul portal, and one-click apply firestone.


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