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Monday, October 12, 2009

Ambassador Elkagorasa

This weekend, through a combination of Argent Tourney dailies and working on the Blood Elf starting area quests, I finally achieved the "Ambassador" title.

At the same time, by achieving Exalted with the Blood Elfs, I reached my goal of finally getting a super chicken. OK, not really a chicken, but the Hawkstrider. This brings me to 48/50 to get the white proto drake.
I am thinking that I have a few options for my last 2 mounts.

  1. Complete the Troll Champion for Argent Tourney and get at least the 400g 5seals Raptor.
  2. Buy them on the AH, not cheap.
  3. Get the 100 Champion Seals to get one of the racial mounts.
  4. Hope for a holiday mount this Halloween. (broom, horse)
  5. Finish the Hallow's End meta-achievement and get the Violet Proto Drake.

Hallow's End starts this Sunday, so I can get that really soon. That gives me the next 6 days to get my remaining tokens to get the argent racial mounts.

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