Higher Learning Status

Half done. I have found and read 4 of the 8 books required for the Higher Learning achievement..

  1. Run into Violet Hold - Check on Daily

  2. Run into Dalaran Visitor's Center - Check book

  3. Pickup Fishing Daily

  4. Mount up, run to top of stairs at Violet Citadel, turn around, check if book at Threads of Fate - You can see a spot when the book is there.

  5. Run into Violet Citadel - check lower and upper books

  6. Do one more pass of the DVC, TOF and VC stops.

Of all the future books, I hope the TOF book drops next. I really hate running up that winding staircase.

With regards to Add-ons, I am finding not enough people on my server (at least when I am on) run "Dalaran University". This addon feeds off other users, so I never have anything except what I have found. The feeder addon "Higher Learning" doesn't carry over the values for me, so it isn't extrapolating when a book might appear for me. :( Maybe if I played more, it would show valid data.

Here a great video that goes reverse of my path. I like that going this way, the stairs into the Threads of Fate, point in the direction you are already traveling.


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