Get Your very own Ravasaur Mount for only 1 daily a day.

Saturday I started the new Horde quest line that nets you another fast land mount. Better yet, if you're not Exalted with the Trolls yet, a dinosaur/raptor mount.

(Note: I just re-started this quest chain on my level 72 Priest alt and found a few changes).

Big -8 dmg on raptor
to get splashed.
Part 1: Go to Un'goro crater and at the entrance of the valley is a troll who invites you to start the quest. You need to get infected with the Venomhide poison splashed with Venomhide blood 20 times. This means that you now have to be actively attacking the raptor, to get splashed. At level 80 (and 400 unarmed skill), you don't want to attack these beasts (like so many troubled alliance were doing), you want to tease them. As a note, I was able to go AFK and fend off 2 raptors (fists only) without dying. (Update: Since you have to actively fight the raptor, engaging multiple raptors will not get you splashed more, unless maybe you're using an AOE and I didn't see it happening. They just died quickly) You go bare fisted, and punch it, untarget it, then run around annoying the poor raptor. By just avoiding the beast, I was able to get infected 12-13 times.

Part 2: Find venomhide 4 eggs. Easy enough, mount up and run around looking for little piles of black rocks (ravasaur eggs). In each bunch is a light colored, venomhide raptor.

Part 3: Dailies. Use the COT port in Violet Citadel, then check with your baby raptor on what he wants each day. Gather dino meat (east ungoro crater), bug eggs(south ungoro crater), or searing roc feathers (east tanaris).

Complete the daily(x20), and you'll have another raptor mount.


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