Gear Quest -> What's The Next Stat?

For the last few months, I have been working hard to improve my lock's damage output. With the 3.2 patch, options for upgrading my gear has improved by leaps and bounds. Several high iLevel 200+ gear dropped from the new Trial of Champions and changes to badge gear making, Ulduar-level gear obtainable.

To fine tune my lock, I had been working from an older version of the Warlock DPS Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is/was great because it
  1. idealized my dps into unrealistic values, making me stride to improve my spell rotation
  2. allowed me to visualize various buffs, spells and enchants would do to my dps
  3. provide me with a link to ideal gear upgrades based on the stats I should be still stacking.
For example:
The Next Stat:

Stat+ DPS+dmg
+1 shadow dmg3.360.54
+1 fire dmg2.910.46
+1 dmg6.271.00
+1 hit rating2.660.42
+1 crit rating3.170.51
+1 haste rating3.470.55
+1 Spirit3.100.49
+1 mp52.930.47
+1 intellect2.810.45
+1 Stamina0.310.05

This translated (for me), to increasing spell damage by 1 point, would increase my DPS by 6 points. Scanning the list, I prioritized from hit to spell damage, next crit and haste.

After the DPS Spreadsheet, I like to also refer to This site, takes your current build and provides a detailed list of ALL upgrades to your equipment and suggests gems and enchants. The trick to this site, is that it (like Pawn), requires scales. It has default scales which are useful, but you may want to use the ranking from the spreadsheet also. Where this shines, is that the spreadsheet provides ALL upgrades. I am not a tailor, enchanter or jewelcrafter, so none of those specific upgrades are useful. I am not big into PVP, so pvp badge gear is out of the question. Loot-rank allows you to filter to content based on what you can and will do. My guild is still too small to run 25-man anything, so remove those.

So, my question is what do I upgrade next? I currently have 5 blue items equipped. Which item will give me my best bang for my buck? Cost-wise, I am 3 Heroic instances away from being able to purchase a Tier-8 token (head, chest). Comparing the DPS Spreadsheet score and the LootRank score, it looks like the chest (LR:7352) will provided the largest upgrade over the head (LR:6717).


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