After watching the Higher Learning run through, I watched this great short on some of the tricks on Dalaran fishing. Some other things to mention:

  • Fishing nets you rare recipes - especially in Shattrath, but also in Dalaran. I got the Rumsey's lager recipe from the Dal fishing daily. (Only need 2 more recipes for the "Chef" title).
  • Underbelly elixir can also turn you into a wasp, which allows you to fly around the underbelly. I always get dismounted before flying out into the world.
  • You can now fish at any level. I leveled from fishing at level 125 -> 300 by fishing the Dalarn fountain. You get a lot of junk at early levels, so have lots of bag space.
  • If you pull a gold coin out of the Dalaran fountain, then USE it, it has a buff increasing your chances of pulling another coin in the next 10 minutes.
  • Check into the addon called Fishing Buddy. It simplifies a bunch of recurring tasks about fishing.
    1. Select "Fishing Buddy" from Outfitter and it sets "Find Fish" in addition to my outfit.
    2. Have Rumseys Lager, it will drink on first cast attempt.
    3. Double-click to cast fish
    4. Track % fish caught for area.
    5. If failed catch (caught junk), it will apply lure to pole on next cast.

  • Lastly El's site (video author) is a great source for everything fishing in the game. I've relied upon it for fishing locations in Outlands, and how to do the quests in old world.


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