Topic 19: Picking a character name

Why not. I miss the old topic of the week. Topic 19 is to break down how you picked the names of your characters. I don't have that many, so, I am going to cheat a little here..

I have basically 2 naming processes, either:

They 'starts with E'

Elkagorasa - "Elk-A-Gore-Asa" Name that stuck with all these years. Here's how..
Eride - "Arrid-ay" After realizing that most raid/dungeon chat didn't something long to type "elka, um, elk, uh, e.." I opted for something really short for my third character, plus it pulls directly from my RL name.
Esha - Even shorter than Eride. Liked the name for a troll druid. Her alliance twin shares her name.
Erknea - "Ernie-ah" My cataclysm created goblin. I wanted something silly to go with a short-stature, "knee high" goblin. Ernie turned into Erknea.
Erlenmyer - alliance dwarf hunter - also misspelling of erlenmeyer (flask). All his hunter pets are science tools (scalpel, pipette, bunson).
Ellidari - "Elli-dari" -Is an obvious twist on Illidari. I thought having "Elli" as her name was fun.
ElPlato - "El Plato" - Influenced with my daughter taking spanish 1 in high school last year, so I while reviewing vocabulary with her. El plato is spanish for the plate or dish, because as a paladin she's wearing plate armor, obviously.
Elkor - wanted to chat with a character on Farstriders. Created a baby Elkagorasa twin on that realm.

The exceptions to the E rule are:
Joralin the First: Paladin and Commodities Trader

  • Joralin was character 1. I played him for about 2 weeks before moving to Malfurion.
  • Gisha is a misspelling of geisha, character 3. As a corolary to Elkagorasa (#2), I thought a female rogue would be a deadly name..
  • Drehded, ie 'dreaded', is my first troll and death knight. I wanted to capitalize on the trolls inclination to sound jamaican. 
  • Teddi is my first monk and I knew he'd be a pandaren, or a bear.. 
  • Tahihath, Maks and Dingo are all my son's toons. I believe he hit name generator until something stuck.
  • BarbGordon is, but of course, Bat Girl.


  1. My naming strategy is somewhat different. All of my characters must have a different starting letter, this is to avoid confusion when I'm mailing stuff around. I usually select character names from science fiction or anime (the only 2 that aren't fictional material are my shadow priest, warrior, druid). The monk name came from a Wu-Xia novel, so it sort of kinda follow the rule. Priest and Warrior just came naturally to me. I was making my first Worgen character with the druid, so I name her Lonchaneyjr.


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